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Author Topic: The Interpreters Pulpit: EP 5: The False Document Sources (of the Rapture Theory  (Read 1553 times)
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« on: July 19, 2015, 04:14:41 AM »

This is a recent audio-video lecture presented by the Rebbe Dr Les Aron Gosling which addresses the "Rapture Doctrine" taught by some in the Believing World. Please enjoy; it is both thought provoking and a cut-to-the-chase exposition. The new series and episode is entitled, "IMCF - The Interpreter's Pulpit - Ep 5 - The False Document Sources (of the Rapture Theory)":


If you wish to register to obtain the Plethora of Biblical Study by Dr. Les-Aaron Gosling, Rebbe, as well as enjoy the benefits of the Members Discussion Forum, Please contact the IMCF Admin to register at Info@biblicalresearchinstitute.com.au found on the home page. Shalom.
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« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2015, 02:01:52 PM »

I subscribed to your YouTube channel so I'm always one of the first to know when you post a new video. It's very interesting brother. Can you please explain to me what you meant in the video when you said righteous believers are defined as Torah observant? Just exactly what is Torah observant? Any details would be most appreciated. Thank you Les.
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« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2015, 09:47:28 PM »

Shalom Aleikhem dear Sister!

Good to hear from you. Thanks so much for this question as it arises from time to time from believers who are usually associated in one form or another with the emerging Messianic Movement. So, it comes at a most fortuitous time. Some become greatly confused because of the existence of a New Covenant "based upon better promises" seemingly in standing-contrast with the Sinai Covenant (and we must recall that the bedrock of the Sinai Covenant was the Mosaic Torah). Because of this latter fact, Christians seem unaware that you cannot have one without the other -- in other words if the Sinai Covenant goes, so does the Mosaic Torah. Now, most scholars (and students of the Bible) would argue with me over this assessment. Nevertheless, I believe this is the truth of the matter, and this is why I finally came to reject an earlier position which I held which was that the New Covenant was in reality a Renewed Covenant. When I began to re-read Paul on this matter of covenants and justification, I re-assessed my entire position and deleted my original Teaching Exams 46-84. These particular exams (numbers 46-84) are no longer available on this BRI/IMCF Members Board. At a later time I issued our new (more enlightened) view in the form of Covenant lectures in our Fundamentals section (which are now also appearing as e-booklets for the general public). I had been coming to our current position over a period of years but made no attempt to alter our original view until it could be proven conclusively that we needed to change on this issue and of course, this is how it should have been for "the holy Spirit leads us into all the truth," as Yeshua stated. The knowledge of God usually involves a progressive revelation. It is extremely doubtful that our present position on this matter of the New Covenant -- to which God the Father has Graciously led us -- will ever change.

Paul stated conclusively that he was, under the New Covenant, Torah observant (Rom 7.7,12,14,16,22,25; 2.12,13; 3.31; 10.5; 13.8-10). When I re-studied Romans my eyes fell especially on what he wrote in Rom 2.16 in which he referred to "my Gospel." Until that particular moment I had largely entertained a Paul who was continuing to labour under the restrictions and administration of the Sinai provisions (and many of today's Messianics continue to believe this as well). After all, it is apparent that the Jewish people of the Second Temple Period -- and the Jewish Christians who lived among them -- were subject to the rules of a Sanhedrin who largely regulated Jewish life exercising those Sinai provisions right up to the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. But the little phrase "according to my Gospel" in reference in the same breath to "Yeshua the Messiah" radically altered my perception. So whatever that Torah was which Paul spoke of in his letter to the Romans -- written some 30 years after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ -- had to be oriented around the New (or a New) Covenant and not necessarily the Sinai Covenant.

Moving ahead a little, my research uncovered the existence (in Paul's mind) of "a Messianic Torah" in powerful contrast to that of Sinai and Moses. This fact that a "Messianic Torah" existed during the latter decades of the Second Temple Period is substantiated by Messianic texts that have come down to us from that day and age in Jewish sources. Most Messianic Christians of Jewish extraction would not realise that the Messiah according to rabbinic authorities, was to introduce HIS OWN TORAH when he finally arrived. Indeed, it is historical fact that the Jewish people of the Second Temple Period understood that when the Mashiach came He would have no hesitation in applying entirely NEW principles to the existing Torah, and adjusting the purity codes where He wished. In other words even God considered the Sinai Torah to be fluid rather than immutable. For, it is written:

"The Torah which a man learns in this world [the Mosaic or Sinai Torah] is vanity, IN COMPARISON OF THE TORAH OF THE MESSIAH" --  Midrash Kohelet (83.1).

That I am absolutely correct in this assessment that the Torah is not immutable and unchangeable can be seen in the admission by the apostle to the nations (Rav Shaul) where he refers to his recognition of the authority of the above Midrash (which was in circulation in his day) in stating that his own Rabbinic ministry was based squarely on Torah -- but it was the Torah OF MESSIAH! Very few have noticed this admission. Notice it now, in two references:

1 Cor 9.21 "With those who live outside the framework of Torah, I put myself in the position of someone outside the Torah in order to win those outside the Torah - although I myself am not outside the framework of God's Torah but within the framework of Torah AS UPHELD BY THE MESSIAH!"

Gal 6.2 "Bear you one another's burdens, AND SO FULFIL THE TORAH OF MESSIAH."

As the Ten Commandments formed the bedrock of the Sinai Covenant, so the RIGHTEOUSNESS of Christ (His standard of righteousness as reflected in the Ten Commandments) forms the bedrock of the New Covenant. Consider too, that the blood of the covenant was splashed over the Israelites at Sinai, and in our age of Grace the blood of the Mashiach is the MAIN issue for each and every one of those who believe in (have FAITH in) Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour.

Apart from the Ten Commandments, are there other regulations which are appropriate for modern Messianic believers to live by? This is one reason I resort to the scroll of Genesis (the first volume of the Sinai Torah but which records God's will for humankind PRIOR to the giving of the Mosaic Torah centuries later at Sinai). If God desired people to live a certain way in the days of Abraham, and before that time, then those laws, rules, statutes and judgments would have been revealed in Genesis. It is there that we find the Sabbath day revealed, the food regulations revealed, and some other judgments of God which were LATER incorporated into the Sinai Covenant. The writings of the NT corpus also substantiate these earlier regulations, PLUS modifications made to the Ten Commandments (but I have outlined all of these in the Covenant lectures in the Fundamentals section on this site). As a prime example of such a modification take note of the original commandment about honouring your parents. In the NT this is modified to be obedience to one's parents but only "in the Lord." And as a further adjunct to this commandment we are told to "not discourage our children." The commandment thus is expanded to become in a balanced way more specifically "family friendly."

We are the only Messianic organisation that understands any of this matter concerning commandment modification and we are also unique in our appreciation of the "Torah of the Messiah" and we make no apology for being this way in the Truth.

I am writing an article about the Sabbath day at the moment because of the great need for believers belonging to the IMCF to grow into a better appreciation and cognisance of God's desire for our rest in Him activated in God's expectations for us during this most important day.

I trust this clarifies a few things for you, our lovely Sister.

Kol Tuv to all who ENJOY God and who wallow in His/Her loving embrace.


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